Donald Trump Tries To Woo Catholics

donald_trump_at_the_republican_national_convention_in_cleveland_oh_july_18_21_2016_credit_addie_mena_13_cnaFrom the Catholic News Agency: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote a letter to Catholic leaders during a two-day conference in Denver this week, identifying himself as pro-life and vowing to support core values such as religious liberty and school choice.”

Of course, not all Catholics are believing Trump.

“The GOP candidate has met a mixed reaction among Catholics. His commitment to the pro-life cause has been questioned by some advocates, due to his strong pro-choice statements in 1999 and 2000, as well as his comments during the campaign that his sister Maryanne Trump Barry would be an ideal Supreme Court nominee, despite her striking down New Jersey’s ban on partial-birth abortions as a judge. He has also pushed for an expansion of the death penalty.”

“While he later said that he is committed to appointing pro-life judges, his earlier statements have left some Catholics wary of his sincerity in being pro-life.” Read the entire article at the Catholic News Agency…

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